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U of O Duck Store Locations

uo duck store campus

  U of O Duck Store Campus


U of O Jane Sanders Softball Stadium

  U of O Jane Sanders 1  U of O Jane Sanders 9


U of O Jane Sanders 10  U of O Jane Sanders 8

Bend La Pine New Elementary School

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University of Oregon Soccer Lacrosse Stadium


Valley River Center


Dickie Yo’s


Bee Happy Dental – North Bend, OR


Where do I select granite colors?

Clients can select colors from samples we have here in our showroom to get started. We also have slabs here in stock at most times for clients to see and choose. Another option that we may recommend is if a client does not see anything here in our showroom they are looking for, we have them go to one of our Stone/Granite Distributors in Portland. Our distributors carry only the finest, Grade A quality slabs and house hundreds of different colors to choose from. This way the client may find a color they never knew existed. When a client is remodeling or building a new house, and making an investment on their new countertops. this is a great way to “Handpick your own slabs for your new project!

Where can I select tile for backsplash, shower & tubs surrounds, flooring, etc.?

Clients can choose from a number of tile designs, products & colors here in our showroom. From natural stone tiles to porcelain, ceramic, glass and metals. there are hundreds of possibilities to choose from. Another option is to look at our tile distributors’ showrooms that are just a block or two away from our showroom. If there is something we do not have here, they will!

Can I cut on my granite, quartz, or solid surface countertops?

Granite is a harder surface than your knife blades and can dull them very quickly! Some clients request cutting boards, but most of the time they use a Corian cutting board or wood, as they are lighter and easier to move around the kitchen. With a solid surface cutting board you can buff out any scratch, as it is the color all the way through the material. Quartz surfaces are also going to dull your knife blades. We recommend using a solid surface or wood cutting board as well.

What exactly are the “Quartz” slabs made of?

Each quartz slab is composed of 93% crushed quartz. Quartz rock is one of the hardest rocks found on earth. The other 7% of the make-up of quartz slabs is polymer resin and color. The end result is a completely non-porous, virtually no-maintenance countertop surface! We fabricate the quartz products using the same fabrication techniques as we do with granite and natural stones. The use of diamond polishing pads and router bits is how we finish the granite, quartz & other natural stone countertops.

What are other products you carry as alternatives to your granite, quartz & solid surface products?

Pro Contracting also carries these products listed below.

  • ECO by Cosentino (Recycled Quartz, scrap metals, porcelain & ceramics, glass)
  • Richlite (Recycled paper) Comes in many sizes & thickness’
  • PaperStone (Recycled paper) Comes in many sizes & thickness’
  • Recycled Glass Slabs (Vetrazzo, lceStone, EnwoGlas products)
  • Butcher Block (Maple, Bamboo, etc)

More information on these products can be found on our “Products” section of our website, or go to each of their websites and read more information on each individual product!

Does Pro Contracting have any “eco-friendly” or recycled products to choose from?

We carry many different eco-friendly I recycled products for clients to choose from. Some are listed at the above question. “ECO” product is a VERY popular product we have here at Pro Contracting along with Richlite and PaperStone. ECO is composed of recycled glass, porcelain, ceramic, quartz & some scrap metals. This product is non-porous just like other quartz based products and has a corn-based resin that is also in the composition of each slab This product comes in 2cm thickness (3/4″)

Richlite & PaperStone are both made m the state of Washington and basically made using the same process. Both are made of recycled sheets of paper, cardboard, pulp from trees, etc. & baked together with a phenolic resin. This product is actually waterproof, much to the amazement of most! Over time this product has its own natural “wear pattern” and can be lightly sanded if needed. If any sort of sheen is required for the finish on these two products, we sell a natural beeswax / food grade natural wax.

Recycled Glass products (listed above) are a mix of recycled glass & cement. Some mixtures of these also include recycled porcelain & ceramic. These products will need sealed, as the cement is a porous product.

If you have any other questions for Pro Contracting, please do not hesitate to call us @ 541-484-6268 or go to our “Contact Us” page here on our website! We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible!